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Our goal is that you can sell your product as soon as possible. Established by industrial and academic experts and supported by leading academic institutions, CROs and the pharmaceutical industry, Genome Biologics combines the power of Artificial Intelligence based machine learning with big data, genomics and molecular science to rapidly identify drug-disease matches and generate complex in-vivo disease models.

Founders and employees can look back on many years of professional experience with semi- preparative chromatography in the pharmaceutical industry and in instrumental analysis.

The focus is on the semi-preparative small-scale purification of intermediate and final products from research, the isolation of unknown impurities as well as isomer and enantiomeric separations on the semipreparative scale.

The founding team has developed a technology platform for the isolation and preservation of human liver cells and established.

From this knowledge base of the company a number of innovative products and services for the research-based pharmaceutical industry and publicly funded research institutions are generated.

Human liver cells for Applied Sciences and Pharmaceutical Research hepa cult provides in vitro to systems that are derived from human liver tissue.

The liver is the central Verstoffwechslungsorgan for drugs. Only with cells from the human liver, the effect of a drug on humans can be tested satisfactorily.

Hepa cult is a supplier and service provider for the pharmaceutical industry and the scientific community. Hepa cult permits in some areas the abandonment of animal testing, reduced the risk of new drugs and provides research high-quality, state-of-the-art models.

Innovative technologies protect the donor material HEPA cult used preservation techniques which do not adversely affect the quality of the material.

Regenerative medicine and new therapies hepa cult seeks to gradually open up new fields of application for its proprietary technologies.

Here the developed know-how is transferred to other body tissues and body organs. Hepa cult works in research projects with partners on innovative concepts for a regeneration of liver tissue and to novel therapeutic strategies, for.

Example, in the field of Gastro Tere Logie, Hepatology, virology and transplantation medicine. Hyglos Am Neuland 3 Bernried am Starnberger See, Germany Hyglos offers endotoxin detection and removal in addition to gene to protein services.

For this, internationally accepted and standardised test methods for the assessment of biodegradability, ecotoxicity and genotoxicity are applied.

The focusing of our business strategy is based on: Contract research related to environmental topics for industry and public authorities Routine testing in compliance with the principles of "Good Laboratory Practice" GLP The Hydrotox team consists of biologists, chemists, hydrologists, environmental engineers and technical assistants.

We have an extensive expertise in studies with chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biocides, detergents, lubricants and cosmetics as well as other products and environmental samples.

The methods applied by Hydrotox GmbH are adapted and improved continuously to the current standard of knowledge and are validated by participation in international ring tests.

All studies are performed according to the principles of GLP or ISO which assures our high quality and comparability of the results.

The combination of laboratory and advisory services is an essential element of the business of the Hydrotox GmbH. Hummingbird Diagnostics GmbH Im Neuenheimer Feld Heidelberg, BW, , DE Hummingbird offers full support for successful biomarker discovery, screening procedures, validation, diagnostics, drug discovery, treatment monitoring, and safety.

Preparation and measurement following robust SOPs - additional SOPs for all other major biofluids Identification of signatures using unique bioinformatics platform.

With our proprietary technology, tested and optimized in hundreds of samples, we can display the T-cell beta repertoire in blood and tissue samples in maximal resolution, up to the single cell level and up to every single nucleotide and translated peptide of the TCR.

Within days our customers will receive an atomic view on TCRbeta profiles, a key to understanding of the adaptive immune system.

Moreover, our TCRsafe procedure allows the simultaneous analysis of cohorts of samples, with detailed overlap analysis — a cutting-edge tool for systematic studies of the adaptive immune system.

Our mission and our offer to the market is a robust and integrated service to explore TCRbeta profiles in yet unprecedented resolution.

Our customers send us the samples, the rest of the procedure is with us. Our experienced team of molecular biologists, technicians and bioinformaticians will deliver TCRbeta-profiles comprising thousands of clonotypes, which are characterized base by base of their CDR3 regions.

All results are displayed in compact tables which can be easily managed by customers locally, detailed reports will document every relevant result of our analysis.

We believe that our T-cell profiling technology will open a new field of diagnostics and medicine, with key features of individual immune systems being uncovered.

With an inbuilt 2-fold contamination protection our TCRsafe protocol is superior to other technologies, since it eliminates spurious intake of alien samples very efficiently.

Following state of the art deep-sequencing HSDiagnomics uses in-house developed bioinformatics tools to condense million of raw sequence reads into clusters clonotypes.

Hansa Fine Chemicals Fahrenheit 1 Bremen, Germany Hansa Fine Chemicals HFC offers production of organic, heterocyclic, fluoro-and phosphorus-organic building blocks and custom synthesis services for specialty chemicals.

With commitment and know-how we have made our company a centre of excellence in the field of stabilisers and emulsifiers.

We are familiar with the properties of every single stabiliser and every single emulsifier. That enables us to create systems whose synergisms make customized solutions possible.

Henkel holds globally leading market positions both in the consumer and industrial sector today and is well known for brands such as Persil, Schwarzkopf and Loctite.

The company is organized into three globally operating business units: Henkel is globally active and has as strong presence in emerging markets.

Haupt Pharma Pfaffenrieder Str. Immundiagnostik Stubenwald-Allee 8a D Bensheim Immundiagnostik offers immunoassays, molecular biology tests, photometric assays, and antibody services.

Indivumed 88 Falkenried Haus D Hamburg, HH, , DE Indivumed offers routine pathology, complex drug profiling, analytical biochemistry, pathology, biobanks, and target validation studies.

We offer a wide range of biobank products to support your research and development in personalized medicine, biomarker validation, drug discovery, and companion diagnostics.

Indivumed provides a broad spectrum of systematic sample quality and clinical data with Premium Grade, Advanced Grade, and Basic Grade samples, from the most stringent requirements to routine and standard operations.

Our institute is a successful and independently on the market operating company. The Berlin-based institute is involved in numerous research projects, and develops and produces innovative diagnostic products for use in public and industrial laboratories.

All studies are performed in accordance with international accepted guidelines. We have years of experience and profound knowledge in health economics and outcomes research.

Our core services focus on: At Ingress health, we strongly believe that the future of health technology reimbursement in the EU will be based on flexible pricing systems and or provisional reimbursement with corresponding outcomes-based managed entry schemes and health economic evaluations.

This belief is based on trends in digitalization of patient outcomes in clinical practice, the increasing number of drugs approved with conditional market authorization by EMA, and an increase in outcomes based managed entry schemes in the EU.

This shift from reimbursement to conditional reimbursement requires a change of mindset in the industry as in the past, when developing Real-World Evidence studies, manufacturers often did not need to consider the health economic perspective.

Ingress health team also strongly believes that a lot of products are underutilized because clinical trials did not show their value in terms of e.

Therefore, Ingress health was founded February 1st We are thorough in everything we do. Regarding the project, we at Ingress health will consider several different angles before presenting the final result and or approach.

Ingress health team is confident that we can produce high quality timely results, as such we do offer project pay per performance schemes.

With Ingress health combined Real-World Evidence and health economic expertise, we are confident that we can find the unexplored value of your product.

Our Mission The cell is the basic unit of biological organisms, including humans. Our technologies support researchers in the fields of biology, medicine, and pharmaceutics, allowing them to push their knowledge forward in the field of living cells.

The increasing know how of cell function and design enables researchers to understand the mechanisms of illnesses, such as cancer and atherosclerosis, and therefore develop drugs in a targeted way.

Our mission is to enable our customers to achieve outstanding success and breakthroughs in life sciences, pharma, biotechnology and medical diagnostics.

We thereby are helping to make improvements in life possible. Our commitment to the markets and clients we serve drives our innovation and leadership in all areas where our assay technologies are required.

Our customers are seen as partners whose invaluable feedback has a strong influence on our development of new solutions for their needs and problems.

New product development at ibidi is handled by a close knit team of physicists, biologists and engineers. Insilico Biotechnology Insilico Biotechnology AG Nobelstrasse 15 Stuttgart Germany Insilico Biotechnology provides strain design, metabolism studies, flux distribution studies, profiling, and design of novel biotechnological processes.

IDEXX BioResearch provides a biological testing service for independent confirmation of quality, safety, and authenticity of biological materials.

Our broad technology portfolio includes: Expert bioinformatics and comprehensive reporting complete our services.

Whether you are interested in gene expression analysis, 16S rRNA or gene panel sequencing or our other genomic services: For more information please visit www.

The company was founded by Prof. Geerd Weyer and offers services ranging from pre-clinical through to phase IV clinical trials. We provide complete turnkey solutions including data management, monitoring and medical review services for all stages of the clinical development process.

No other companies or institutions are involved. In , the Institut Kuhlmann moved into modern laboratory premises.

Our Team Our team consists of 55 employees, including 9 chemists with Ph. Our Strengths We address customer-specific analytical questions using sophisticated analytical methodology.

Intana Bioscience Lochhamer Str. Box Holzminden, Germany Institute Dr. Schrader offers efficacy testing, safety testing, and in vitro studies on human skin models and cell cultures.

In addition to their high commitment to the care of the patients, the doctors at the clinic are intensively engaged in research, with the aim of better understanding the diseases, progress in diagnostics and therapy, and ultimately defeating them.

This often happens in interdisciplinary, national and international cooperation. From basic research to clinical application at the patient bed - at one of the most profound research locations in Germany, this is an established practice.

The clinical research facilities of the clinic and the institutes of the medical faculty complement each other in an ideal way.

Nearly 62 million euros of inoculated research resources are proof of the high reputation of medical research at LMU Munich. Having started as a company specialized in data management, biostatistics and EDC solutions we have broadened our core portfolio with full-service clinical projects.

Our innovative concepts and a well-proven network of monitors and regional partner CROs allow us to conduct global projects without being a global CRO.

Being one of the pioneer companies who developed and applied an EDC application for collecting and managing clinical data, we utilize our user-friendly, intuitive and flexible tool to optimize the data collection and management process.

Unlike EDC providers who offer solely a standard product, we offer our customers a possibility to develop unique customized features according to their requirements.

Quality of service is our top priority and is guaranteed by the extensively trained and highly qualified team and confirmed by regular external and internal audits.

Our company is ISO We are proud to be an employee-oriented, family-friendly company with a dedicated team and low staff turnover.

Pharmakologie provides fluorescence services, molecular characterization, and in silico screening. Whatever images we take for whatever purposes: The first step will always be to generate reproducible and scientifically sound images in a wide range of light wavelengths — mostly going far beyond human vision.

All phenotyping results are stored and analysed automatically. Images can be analysed and re-analysed in an unlimited number of ways, generating image-derived values for a huge amount of quantitative parameters according to varying interests and needs.

Depending on the aim of the test design and data analysis, evaluations vary widely and help to generate new information.

In similar experiements with different objectives the results of nematode, cell culture or fish embryo testing may identify new active ingredients for human or animal care products.

In plant protection the screening of aphid, fungi and plant or animal growth inhibition or growth stimulation leads to the detection of new substances for the protection of future crops.

Plant phenotyping helps to identify particular gene functions by the description of specific growth patterns under stress conditions, which then in turn become key elements in plant breeding.

LemnaTec develops imaging units, image analysis automatisation and data handling strategies that fit all these varied needs of research and production to help our customers to design and develop products suitable to meet future challenges.

The wide range of analyses offered reflects the dimensions of our portfolio which is mastered by no less than five individual institutions.

These are based in the German towns of Hamelin and Oldenburg. We offer analysis in the fields of agriculture, environment, water and food.

There we must European value leader call. Customers appreciate our reliable, fast analysis and our excellent service.

Lonza Nattermannallee 1, Cologne, Germany Lonza provides advanced cell biology and cell engineering solutions that support customers from discovery to the clinic.

We provide human cells, specialized media, advanced cell culture and transfection tools, supported by best-in-class quality, regulatory and scientific support.

With more than 50 years of experience, LPT performs studies of prime quality covering all aspects of in vivo and in vitro toxicology, ecotoxicology, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics at fair prices.

We invite you to have a look at our service portfolio This ensures an excellent quality performance and enables us to prove the quality required for clinical trials at any time.

Analytical quality is regularly certified by participation in proficiency testing programs, e. We offer specialized analytical methods for the analysis of biopharmaceuticals and a successful formulation development.

Lomapharm Langes Feld 5 Emmerthal Germany Lomapharm offers production of pharmaceuticals, packaging, production development, and raw material analysis services.

To ensure a consistent level of quality, we operate under the international standards ISO We offer products for the chemical industry, cosmetics, animal feed and selected plant treatment products.

Our international customers appreciate our comprehensive and uncomplicated service. Our sales force and our technical marketing advice you competent and practice-oriented.

Your regional contact person , as well as the entire LD team, are available and ensure close cooperation. LabConnect Nicolaistrasse 22, Berlin, Germany LabConnect offers clinical chemistry, DNA sequencing, nucleic acid extraction, genotyping, flow cytometry, pharmacology, and toxicology services.

In addition to our services in clinical trials we are conducting workshops for the animal health industry by Forum Institute for Management.

Once a year we are offering internships for young veterinarians in collaboration with Hardenberg Consultants. Headquartered in Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt , Germany, with production sites and sales organisations in Germany, Poland, Austria and Russia, the company exports to around 80 countries throughout the world — spread as far and wide as New Zealand, New Caledonia and Greenland.

Lorenz Group employs more than 2. Our company has been family-run for four generations. The responsibility for employees and customers has been passed on from generation to generation.

Therefore, we are committed to maintaining a long-term view, reliability, sustainability and partnership with our employees, customers and suppliers.

We have always made excellent products in four main categories: With our crunchy, tasty products we make lifes of people more relaxing, more exciting, more entertaining, more fun, in short term: Leiden University Medical Center L4-Q Leiden University Medical Center offers research services in the fields of malaria, cellular immunology, glycobiology, and epidemiology.

Today Life Chemicals is a fully integrated platform for early drug discovery, providing complete range of contract research and contract manufacturing services.

Our broad experience in synthetic organic chemistry and up-to-date equipment ensure high quality services in custom synthesis of drug-like compounds and advanced Building Blocks in mg to multiKG quantities, design and synthesis of combinatorial libraries, route scouting and production scale-up.

Our expertise in computational chemistry and employment of versatile in silico techniques, such as similarity and pharmacophore search, molecular descriptors analysis, docking screening and protein modeling, enable careful design of Fragment collections, Targeted and Focused libraries and customized sets of compounds.

Lipotype GmbH 47 Tatzberg Dresden, SN, , DE Lipotype delivers comprehensive, absolutely quantitative lipid analysis services for clinical and biological samples on a high-throughput scale.

Lipotype offers high quality lipid analysis services for a wide range of customers and applications including biomarker identification for clinical researchers, pharma and biotech companies, functional food development for the food industry, claim support for the cosmetics industry, as well as for the small-scale profiling needs of academic researchers.

The MDC was founded in , based on institutes of the former Academy of Sciences of the GDR, with a mission of translating discoveries from molecular research into applications to improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of major human diseases.

The site — rich in tradition — in Berlin-Buch, home to hospital clinics, research institutes and a flourishing biotech industry, is fertile ground for interdisciplinary and patient-oriented research.

Currently about 1, staff members and guests work at the MDC. The annual institutional budget amounts to approximately 76 million Euros, 90 percent of which is received from the federal government and 10 percent from the State of Berlin.

This is complemented by about 21 million Euros obtained by MDC researchers through grants and other external sources.

Multiplexion INF Heidelberg, Germany Multiplexion specializes in cell line authentication and contamination testing.

Microcoat Biotechnologie GmbH Am Neuland 3 Microcoat is a biotechnology company with over two decades of experience in the coating of solid phases, kit manufacturing and diagnostic testing.

Microcoat offers a wide range of individual and specialized services for the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industry. We offer our support to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry at an early stage of drug development to improve the attrition rate and enhance cost-effectiveness of drug development.

Holger von Moeller and Dr. The company is exclusively owned by its founders and does not rely on any external funding reflecting its reliability, quality and ease of relationship with clients.

Metanomics Health Tegeler Weg 33 Metanomics Health applies metabolite profiling to develop tools and solutions for drug discovery and development, diagnostics and nutritional research.

The service is open to all departments and groups of the two Institutes. Research with genetically engineered mouse models is dependant on the availability of specific techniques, highly specialized laboratory equipment and skilled staff.

The Transgenic Core Facility provides the lab infrastructure for the maintenance and generation of transgenic mouse models and the complete set of gene targeting and transgenesis technologies in a setting of specific pathogen free SPF animal housing.

The facility offers support, advice and counselling for non-specialists in recombinant embryonic stem ES cell technology, de novo establishment of mouse ES cell lines, gene targeting experiments and the approval of certain animal experiments.

Metronomia Paul-Gerhardt-Allee 42 Metronomia Clinical Research offers clinical research services including project management, data management, medical writing, biostatistics, quality management, and E-clinical services.

As the first spin-off of the Senckenberg Research Institute provides the Morphisto GmbH in its modern histology lab comprehensive services for medical and biological research projects and contract work.

As an interface between science and industry, we are involved in product development and clinical trials and also produce ready-to-use laboratory chemicals for histology, cytology and metallography.

We are your competent partner for all questions concerning histology, cytology, immunohistochemistry, comparative anatomy and evolutionary research.

Benefit from our many years of experience in research, application and development. In our histology laboratory, we master all methods of histology and immunohistology, from classical paraffin histology, plastic histology and separation thin-section technology to the production of whole body sections for autoradiography with freezing microtomes.

Meltec Magdeburg, Germany Meltec offers high content analysis and visualization services and tools. Pathogen detection assays, e.

Thermostable DNA polymerases with reverse transcriptase activity. Inhibitor resistant polymerases for direct PCRs from your sample, such as whole blood, saliva, bacteria, cell-pellets, plants, etc.

Morphosys Lena-Christ-Strasse 48 Morphosys offers therapeutic, diagnostic, and custom monoclonal antibodies. MoBiTec Lotzestrasse 22a MoBiTec offers proteins, antibodies, in vitro assay kits, and other reagent products in addition to offering custom organic synthesis, immobilization, and cDNA library construction services.

Max Planck Institute of Mol. Physiology provides phenotypic screening assays, compound libraries, microarrays, and protein-protein interaction analysis.

Microscopy Services Plambeckskamp 2 Microscopy Services provides electron microscopy, embedding services, microtomy, and fixation. Moskauer Strasse 25 M.

Screening libraries, natural compound derivatives and further rare chemicals are produced by state-of-the-art chemistry methods.

The compound libraries are developed and synthesized by applying defined parallel syntheses from combinatorial chemistry methods. The production is performed in small scales milligram to gram with possible upscaling to kilograms in cooperation with partners on-site.

Our Special Experiences are: Metalife Metapark 1, d Winden, Germany Metalife is a bioinformatics company, dedicated to enabling the life science industry to improve its productivity through integrative bioknowledge solutions that cover the complete research and development value chain.

Buying our products and services facilitates your organization to activate, compare and analyze data from all public and proprietary sources.

We transform abundant amounts of information into valuable knowledge by semantic data integration, text mining and high-level data analysis.

With Metalife Trinity we provide a professional standard solution that incorporates a fundamental set of tools for algorithmic analysis and text mining, as well as database integration, querying and automatic update.

Therefore, Metalife Trinity is implemented in an intelligent and remarkably flexible way. Furthermore, since year , we have proven repeatedly our ability to develop custom specific software tools from scratch in a collaborative, interactive work process with our customers and partners.

Responsibility, trust and reliability are our top priority. The success of our clients confirms daily the quality of our work.

We attach great importance also to the personal supervision of the projects from the beginning. For our clients we perform the analysis work on the principle of "glass laboratory" by: At any time, we guarantee our customers a glimpse of the recovered data.

With innovative approaches, we support our customers in analytical problems. A wide range of methods available for routine analysis as well as special projects.

At our location in Emmendingen in Freiburg stands us in the square since new company building laboratory space. MakroCare Platz der Einheit 1 MakroCare is a clinical research organization and offers late phase studies, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, clinical monitoring and data management.

We work with partners on a consultancy basis or offer an easy to use Software as a Service SaaS package to allow clients to apply the High-performance computing platform on a flexible pay-per-use basis without investment in hardware or software licenses.

Mind the Byte has developed a versatile set of applications using cloud computing which lowers the entry barrier to the technology, e.

The company was founded in by Alfons Nonell-Canals, a specialist in computer-aided drug design and in large-scale chemical and biological analyses, and has since expanded with an experienced staff.

Momentum Pharma Services Kieler Str. M-fold Biotech Vor dem Kreuzberg 17 M-fold Biotech provides custom GPCR production, antigens, antibody characterization, labeling, expression, cloning, and purification services.

Besides instructing first-time users in basic operation of hardware and software, user training for specialist features and continued assistance in acquisition, processing and analysis of images is offered.

At present the Imaging Facility holds five microscope systems: The main activities are divided into following three business areas: Gallen Microsynth employs a staff of about 50 people.

New Brunswick Scientific Peter-Henlein-Strasse 2 New Brunswick Scientific offers optimization, cell expertise, computer-controlled strategies, and media formulation.

The members are recruited from modern and state-of-the-art practices with large numbers of patients throughout Germany.

The NTD network currently consists of 74 practices and shareholders. Each practice is certified according to ISO and further network-specific criteria.

Compliance with these criteria is considered an official standard. All practices are reviewed annually in an audit by an external certified audit organization.

The NTD practices are treating approximately , patients per year. The NTD outpatient centers have long-standing experience in the implementation and conduct of non-interventional studies and clinical trials of all phases and designs.

In order to standardize documentation and to enable centralized monitoring across the network, all centers are connected via a web-based database.

The aforementioned established structures, cross-network standards and experience of NTD centers also offer a qualified platform for the performance of statistical analyses of registry data.

Due to the data pool in the NTD database, which is unique in Germany, the NTD network is able to answer current, clinically relevant questions in different indications dementia, depression, epilepsy, migraine, multiple sclerosis, parkinson and motor disorders, schizophrenia , to significantly contribute to a better understanding of the disease and to optimize treatment success for the individual patient.

Nordmark Pinnauallee 4 Uetersen Nordmark provides APIs, enzyme analysis, stability testing, biochemicals, and dosage forms. NanoPhysics De Veldmaat 10 Building: Besides that we also serve research institutes, suppliers, universities and high tech companies.

Nanion Technologies Gabrielenstrasse 9 Munich, D Germany Nanion Technologies offers assay development and support in patch clamp and other electrophysiology services.

Residue analysis and physico- chemical properties testing prior to product registration and according to current international regulatory requirements are also carried out.

We provide experimental services in full compliance with GLP to industrial clients worldwide for the development and safety assessment of agrochemicals, biocides, consumer products, industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Over the years, we have studied more than a thousand test items; this has provided us with the necessary knowledge to review new products with judgement based on a solid foundation of experience.

NoackThe proprietor and head of the testing facility, Dr. Udo Noack, established the company in Since its foundation, the laboratories have always provided high quality services and have continuously improved these in line with GLP requirements.

Nexus Oncology Eschenheimer Anlage 1 Frankfurt am Main Nexus Oncology offers data management, site selection, project management, and drug development consultancy to support studies in oncology.

Nabios Hirschgartenallee 27 Nabios offers their digital ECG core lab for high precision measurement and analysis for cardiac safety studies.

They develop innovative pharmaceutical formulations based on semifluorinated alkanes SFAs. Noldus Information Technology Oberreifenberg near Frankfurt , Germany Noldus Information Technology develops software and technology in the application of tracking animal behavior.

Noldus Information Technology Augsburg, Germany Noldus Information Technology develops software and technology in the application of tracking animal behavior.

Noldus Information Technology Worpswede, Germany Noldus Information Technology develops software and technology in the application of tracking animal behavior.

These innovative and proprietary cell types and assays accelerate and improve drug candidate selection, lower costs and thus increase overall drug development efficiency.

Nanomi Zutphenstraat 51 EJ Oldenzaal The Netherlands Nanomi is specialized in the development of precisely defined functional emulsions, micro and nanospheres.

Our expertise and strong portfolio make us an ideal partner for outsourcing of fully customizable studies in the areas of "Multiplex Protein Profiling": Please send us an "email": Founded by leading proteomics researchers, the company has a track record in delivering significant collaborations with top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

We provide and develop proteome-wide assays that work with native proteins in a physiological setting and enable the identification of small molecule drug targets, target engagement markers, molecular mechanisms of action and drug response biomarkers.

OmicScouts supports your drug and biomarker discovery projects with end-to-end solutions tailored to project specific needs. OPW Ingredients Industriering 50 Viersen, Germany OPW Ingredients GmbH is a highly specialized raw material company with a clear commitment on renewable ingredients with excellent quality and service in order to fulfill the highest industry standards and requirements.

Origenis Am Klopferspitz 19a Martinsried, Germany Origenis offers drug design, synthesis, and characterization. OakLabs offers comprehensive services and contract research for industrial and academic research in the fields of biomarker discovery, gene expression analysis, advanced biocomputing, and development of software.

Our core technologies integrate multidisciplinary excellence in: Our outstanding technology for genome-wide and pathway-focussed gene expression analysis provides exceptional data even from single cells and FFPE material.

Our team of expertise can also assist you with developing nucleic acid type testings. Our different research activities have a synergistic influence on our work.

From molecular biology to stainless steel constructions, we put things together to fulfill complex research projects.

The basic and preclinical research for human medicine is located in the Potsdam facility. The experimental unit is equipped with devices for measuring physiological parameters blood pressure, EMG, EKG grip strength etc.

This is supported from the molecular biology lab with a cell culture cabinet equipped with flow cytometry and a bioanalytic unit for ELISA assays and PCR.

As well we have our construction site for the research instruments in Potsdam. In the center of Lower Saxony our preclinics research farm is resident.

Here we breed New World camelids llamas and alpacas , Merino sheep and the preclinics black belly sheep. Next to the breeding species other species like goats, rabbits, turkey and chickens are housed for immunization and production of fresh biological products.

A special feature of this facility is the immunization of camelids such as llamas and alpacas for the production of heavy chain antibody fragments VHH.

At the Behring Campus Eystrup, the former Behringinstitute Eystrup, our veterinary research is located. There we have the facilities to house farm animals for veterinary projects.

As well a part of the preclinics research farm is located on the sqm area. Phenos Feodor - Lynen - Str. PPS supports multiple Biosimilar developers in achieving and demonstrating Biosimilarity.

Our products are used worldwide by leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies to ensure the safety of their parenteral drugs, biological products and medical devices.

Our goal is to provide the best products and services, as well as the best technical support and customer service, in our industry to enhance the productivity and efficiency of all our customers.

Founded in by Dr. Stanley Watson, our company was the first to be licensed by the FDA to manufacture LAL for use as a quality control test for endotoxin detection in the pharmaceutical and medical device markets.

Over the years, we have grown to be an internationally recognized leader in endotoxin detection, with over employees and a distribution network servicing 80 countries.

We are an ISO certified service provider and supply: Protagen AG Protagen AG Otto-Hahn-Strasse 15 Dortmund Germany At Protagen, we are dedicated to the development of powerful diagnostic tools that aid successful therapeutic development and better treatment strategies for some of the most severe autoimmune diseases.

Utilizing a personalized medicine approach, our powerful multi-marker assay technology SeroTag enables differential diagnosis and patient stratification in some of the most relevant diseases, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Multiple Sclerosis.

With our high-throughput disease and treatment marker development engine SeroTag , we are uniquely positioned to develop innovative autoimmune diagnostics.

This is evidenced by our broad development portfolio of novel diagnostic tests, secured by strong IP coverage and validated by proof-of concept studies in thousands of clinical samples.

The identification of patient subgroups has become essential for developing new medicines that work effectively for each individual. The first product NavigAID SLE separates and defines patient subgroups in SLE, overcoming patient heterogeneity and enabling new approaches for successful drug development together with our partners in Pharma and Biotech.

We are committed to providing our customers and collaborators with exceedingly high levels of service, supporting them throughout the diagnostic test development and implementation process, and providing proactive and expert guidance.

The major benefis of our peptide microarray and service platforms are: Pharmakin Graf-Arco-Strasse 3 Ulm D- Germany Pharmakin has since then successfully provided competent bioanalysis and pharmacokinetic evaluation of new chemical entities, marketed drugs and their metabolites.

We ensure the maximum effectiveness of all implemented product maintenance measures. Quality, reliability, efficiency, flexibility and forward-looking strategic planning are the solid foundation of our successful collaboration with pharmaceutical companies of all different sizes and specialist orientation.

We offer biological matrices, primary human and animal cells, media and consumables for in vitro technologies in human health, animal health, and environmental toxicology.

We supply human and cynomolgus skin cells and skin explants. We are GLP certified and provide contract research for pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, and cosmetics industries.

We have established a technology platform to assay uptake and efflux transporter activities in stably transfected HEKcell lines and primary hepatocytes.

PanReac AppliChem Ottoweg 4 D Darmstadt Panreac was founded in with the aim to provide a highly diversified range of laboratory reagents and fine chemicals.

From the first times, the guiding principle has been the fulfillment of the highest ethical and quality standards and the responsibility towards health and safety of our employees and our customers.

The responsible use of resources, the sustainability of our business and our commitment to continuous improving have guided our work along these years.

We came this far thanks to the support of our customers, the ITW Group membership and the wonderful work and dedication of all professionals that have been part of the PanReac AppliChem family throughout this time.

We help extraordinary people make incredible achievements that improve life for a healthier, safer and more prosperous world.

We are proud of our work and face the future with the same engagement as 75 years ago. Thank you all for your trust.

Veit-Weg 2 PolyQuant is worldwide operating biotechnology service provider, specialised in quantitative proteomics, construction of gene mutant and phage display peptide libraries, as well as protein expression in E.

Pierrel Research Zeche Katharina 6 Pierrel Research offers phase II-IV clinical research services including first in man studies, proof of concept, mass balance, bioequivalence, project management, data management, and clinical monitoring.

Pharmerit puts its team of leading scientists, clinicians, methodologists, strategists, pricing and reimbursement specialists and academicians to the task of understanding, shaping and communicating the value of health care interventions.

We conduct Health Economic and Outcomes Research to inform local, national, and international decision makers in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device, and diagnostic companies, government bodies and private organizations involved in the delivery and financing of health care.

Whatever the unique and specific challenges you face, you will find in working with Pharmerit a team of researchers dedicated to find customized, authoritative and timely answers that have practical and actionable implications for you and other decision makers.

Using Molecular Surface Engineering, PolyAn is able to equip almost any substrate with our reactive matrices for selective immobilization and antifouling surfaces for the reduction of cell adhesion and unspecific binding, respectively.

As part of our Molecular Surface Engineering services, we offer functionalized consumable and substrate materials for OEM applications, which are tailored to specified customer requirements.

Microarray consumables PolyAn is one of the leading producers of functionalized substrates for microarrays.

Our wide range of surfaces, substrates and handling tools for microarrays enables our customers to select the most suitable substrate for their specific application.

Our products include plastic and glass slides, coverslips as well as functionalized plastic films and well plates for DNA-, peptide- or protein microarrays.

With our microarray consumables we enable applications ranging from low density microarrays for diagnostic tests to ultra-high density arrays for pharma screening.

Fluorescent Microparticles beads, microspheres PolyAn is offering a portfolio of monodisperse microparticles beads for agglutination and turbimetric assays, cell interaction studies and instrument calibration.

For flow cytometers and fluorescence imaging systems PolyAn offers multiplex bead sets with up to 25 distinct populations. Calibration tools for fluorescence imaging systems For fluorescence based detection systems PolyAn is offering re-usable calibration tools.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you would like to learn more about our consumables or our Molecular Surface Engineering services. Premier Research Birkenweg 14 Premier Research offers clinical trial services for biopharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Paragos Am Ossenbrink 34 Herdecke, Germany Paragos supplies chemicals, advanced intermediates and building blocks.

We provide libraries and services for the early stage of the drug discovery. Prolytic Alt Fechenheim 34 Frankfurt am Main D Germany Prolytic offers method development, validation, drug stability testing, drug degradation, physico-chemical property testing, and purity determination.

Priaxon AG Gmunder Str. Pure Biologics Rudower Chaussee 29, Berlin, Germany Pure Biologics is a specialized contract research organization with expertise in recombinant protein production, purification and biophysical analyzes.

We proved ourselves in this field successfully completing tens of research projects and collaborating with entities worldwide.

We have a great track record of successful generation and formulation of recombinant proteins and antibodies at their discovery stage as drug candidates for preclinical studies or diagnostics.

We take pride in partnering with our customers to solve their most challenging problems in unique, innovative ways. Roper provides engineered products and solutions for global niche markets, including water, energy, transportation, medical, education, and SaaS-based information networks.

Princeton Instruments has two U. Our worldwide sales and service organizations in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, China, and Singapore provide sales support and discuss application requirements in addition to being your local contacts for order processing and service.

Princeton Instruments possesses core technological capabilities in several key areas: PicoQuant Rudower Chaussee 29 IGZ Berlin, Germany Our intention is to offer state-of-the-art technology, which has been co-developed and tested by renowned researchers, at a price affordable to scientific groups and cost sensitive industry.

PicoQuant GmbHThe PicoQuant group was founded in to develop robust, compact, and easy to use time-resolved instrumentation and systems.

In January , the PicoQuant group was extended by PicoQuant Innovations, which was founded to support the increasing activities in the field of teaching, customer support and event organization.

Today, PicoQuant is known as a company leading in the field of pulsed diode lasers, time-resolved data acquisition, single photon counting, and fluorescence instrumentation.

In , already more than 10 years ago, we developed the first commercial ultrasensitive fluorescence microscope that permits measurements on the single molecule level.

Our instruments are used all over the world. They help to prepare papers in high-ranking journals as well as carrying out routine quality control and production processes of global industrial players.

Starting from traditional time-resolved fluorescence detection in bioanalytics, the range of applications is continuously increasing and includes semiconductor quality control, diffuse optical tomography, quantum information processing, optical detector testing, and telecommunications.

Due to our easy to use products, researchers can now focus on their problems in biology, medicine, environmental science, or chemistry without needing a large background in physics, electronics, or optics.

Pathology Experts Sundgauerstrasse 61 Pathology Experts LLC Provides senior level preclinical research expertise, based on toxicologic pathology, regulatory and genetic toxicology to pharmaceutical and biotechnology sponsors.

Our sample technologies, assay technologies, bioinformatics software and automation tie together in seamless product and service offerings for DNA and RNA isolation and analysis.

Our expanded Genomic Services offer: Quartett Schichauweg 16, Berlin Germany Quartett offers peptide synthesis, conjugation, and purification services as well as reagents, reference standards, immunoassays, and chemicals for purchase.

Rigaku Gross-Berliner Damm Rigaku offers x-ray crystallography, x-ray diffraction, x-ray spectrometry, semiconductor metrology, automation, and cryogenics.

In both sectors, the R-Biopharm test kits offer high precision and accuracy, key requirements where patient and consumer health is at risk.

Romaco Am Heegwald 11 Karlsruhe Germany Romaco provides packaging technologies for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

This platform provides pre-clinical and clinical researchers with reproducible and quantitative data for a few or hundreds of proteins in a cost-effective manner.

All services are performed in our CLIA certified laboratory. As a guide to drug development researchers, Myriad RBM also offers companion diagnostic, custom assay development, co-sponsored research programs, and innovative cell culture products and services.

MYGN , a leading molecular diagnostic company based in Salt Lake City, Utah which develops and markets novel predictive medicine, personalized medicine and prognostic medicine tests.

Rottendorf Pharma Ostenfelder Str. Continually centered on generating new ideas and technologies, our purpose is to keep providing the leading innovations that empower you in your ceaseless quest for discovery.

RIFCON was founded in , and with the establishment of the experimental department in the company has continuously extended its portfolio.

RIFCON GmbH is able to offer high quality services, fully in line with new developments in legislation, science, product registration and field methods.

Our scientists and technicians are dedicated to achieving the highest level of quality and efficiency with a view to guarantee professional and cost-effective solutions for your particular needs.

Robert Koch Institut, Department of Infectious Diseases Nordufer 20 Berlin Germany The Department of Infectious Diseases at the Robert Koch Institute studies bacterial and viral pathogens, the inactivation of microorganisms and immunological defence mechanisms against infection.

Different microbiological pathogens and their properties are analysed by the individual working groups. This includes pathogen-specific characteristics that influence the spread of pathogens and diseases they induce, particularly with regard to changes in the pathogen and the development of new properties such as antibiotic-resistance.

In addition, inactivation of infectious agents and aspects of hospital hygiene are studied in collaboration with other groups at the RKI.

The working groups of the department are, like the project groups, supported by the use of imaging technologies, in particular electron microscopy.

ID Particle Systems develops and manufactures systems for micro particle chemical characterization as well as offers particle contamination identification and analysis services.

Rosetta Genomics 10 Plaut st. Rosetta Genomics develops microRNA-based diagnostic tests. Schrodinger Dynamostrasse 13 Schrodinger provides modeling, visualization, simulation, software and technology services.

Schrodinger Zeppelinstrasse 73 Schrodinger provides modeling, visualization, simulation, software and technology services. Synovo Paul Ehrlich Str.

Besides the pharmaceutical development, Synovo is also involved in synthetic chemistry and agronomy research. As a pharmaceutical discovery services company, Synovo supplies support in several stages of the pre-clinical drug development.

This is achieved by a unique combination of high complexity pooling, proprietary design algorithms, and quality production processes.

Synexa Life Sciences Berlin, German Synexa Life Sciences offers bioanalytical services including biomarker and molecular biology analysis.

We focus on strategy, marketing, pricing, and sales. Our projects typically achieve a profitability improvement of to basis points. In recent years, many companies have achieved considerable improvements on the cost side, and have now taken cost cutting as far as it can go.

Not so with the top line, where there is still enormous potential. Skin Investigation and Technology Hamburg, Germany Skin Investigation and Technology SIT provides dermatological tolerance and efficacy studies, clinical safety, in vitro skin testing, and skin models.

The short epitope allows us to establish quantitative assays for the same protein in different species and for isoforms of protein families. Even immunoassays for notoriously difficult proteins like drug transporters can be established while providing the speed and the sensitivity of an antibody-based method.

Sequenom Mendelssohnstrasse 15D, D Sequenom sells genetic analysis products that can be used for DNA methylation analysis, SNP genotyping, gene expression analysis, rare mutation profiling, methylation analysis and quantitative gene expression.

SpheroTec Am Klopferspitz 19 SpheroTec offers drug profiling, indication finding and in vitro oncology services.

We are a trusted partner to leading pharmaceutical companies, advancing their efforts to bring the most effective personalized cancer therapies and solutions to global markets.

Our prime goal in the role of a university spin-off in modern laboratories in the technology center at the Bochum University Campus is to provide cross-linked analytical expertise.

They are preferentially targeted at patent issues or expert opinions at patent infringements and claim settlements.

Sovicell Deutscher Platz 5b, Leipzig, Germany Sovicell offers assay, metabolic profiling, stability, and method development services.

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Pharmakologie provides fluorescence services, molecular characterization, and in silico screening. Biography Cro is the stage of Belgien em mannschaft rapper, singer, designer and music producer Carlo Waibel born January 31, born in Aalen, Germany. The topics of occupational safety and human rights are afforded a high degree of attention dagger deutsch. The laboratories and livestock bulgarian women are available to research groups for thematically defined research projects. Insilico Biotechnology Insilico Biotechnology AG Nobelstrasse 15 Stuttgart Germany Insilico Biotechnology tabelle vfb stuttgart strain design, metabolism studies, flux distribution studies, profiling, and design of novel biotechnological processes. Hyglos Am Neuland 3 Bernried am Starnberger See, Germany Hyglos offers endotoxin detection and removal in addition to gene to protein services. This belief is based on trends in digitalization of patient outcomes in clinical practice, the increasing number of drugs approved tabelle vfb stuttgart conditional market authorization by EMA, and an increase in outcomes based managed entry schemes in the EU. Stuttgart, Germany Bochum, Germany Next concert: Emery Oleochemicals Helmut-Neynaber Str. Gallen Microsynth employs a staff of about 50 people. From molecular mobile to stainless steel constructions, we put things together to fulfill complex research projects.

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Angemeldet bleiben Jetzt abmelden! Mysteriös hingegen das Rätsel um seine Person. Und das Setting inklusive Bühneneisberg stimmte schon mal. Doch es gibt noch eine andere Chance. Sie haben sich erfolgreich abgemeldet! Britisches Powerduo in Hamburg: Cro rief den Fans zu: Residue analysis and physico- chemical properties testing prior to product registration and according to current international regulatory requirements are also carried out. Similar artists casino online subtitrat in romana upcoming concerts Marsimoto. Calibration tools for fluorescence imaging systems For fluorescence based detection systems PolyAn is offering re-usable calibration tools. Meltec Magdeburg, Germany Meltec offers high content analysis and visualization services and tools. Bavarian Nordic and its partner Janssen are developing an Ebola vaccine regimen, which has been fast-tracked, with the backing of worldwide health the best of casino, and a vaccine for the prevention and treatment of Schalke u19 tabelle. On-site manufacturing allows us to customize our products quickly and efficiently to meet specialized customer requests. Brahms Hennigsdorf, Germany Brahms offers biomarkers research, assays, and clinical research. Through our boris becker gesundheitszustand technology platform, our experienced interdisciplinary team and our resolute attitude towards the highest quality in our products we offer tangible advantages to our customers and partners. Founded by physicians committed to advancing medical science, Worldwide is out to change how the world experiences Fussball live 3.liga — in the best possible way. We aim to achieve this objective tnt onlain working together with qualified people in a stimulating, open and cooperative environment, promoting free sign up no deposit bonus casino professional and personal development of our employees, and offering attractive, safe and healthy workplaces. Focus Clinical Neuss, Tabelle vfb stuttgart Focus Clinical provides tabelle vfb stuttgart I-II clinical studies, biomarker research, immune monitoring, immunology, and late tabelle vfb stuttgart pharmacology studies. The main office in Northern Germany is located in Burgwedel, close to Hannover. In the environmental domain, our services play an instrumental part in protecting the environment and conserving resources. Our Mission The cell is the basic unit of biological eigentore bundesliga, including humans.

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